As the build develops, the cases will be either blasted coarse for a sand-cast look, or (more likely) polished smooth, then anodized black.   The cylinders and heads will also be black anodized, with the fin edges silver.   The outer covers shall (likely) be powder-coated gloss black.   Hardware and fittings will be anodized or otherwise blackened, perhaps some black chrome will be applied where appropriate.

The more I read, the less likely I am to anodize anything that gets hot or needs to flow current.

A lot of the internals (and some of the externals) will be from XVS1100s.   For this iteration, I haven't decided on a final bore size: I'm looking somewhere between 106mm and 112mm.   For stroke, it looks like the limit is about 89mm -- the same as my old Norton Combat Commando Interstate.   The rods will likely be one-piece with rolling element bearings, and the crank pressed together.   Did I mention forced aspiration?

More as this develops.